School? What is that?

Hi ho Hi ho it's off to ASU we go.


Well I have been at this school for far too long. I started in September of 1990 and am still going now. I am still trying to get that wonderful sheep skin that will make my life meaningful. Someone sold me the Brooklyn bridge and the desire to get a degree in Business Management. The my son talked his daddy into learning more about kids. Side effect is I don't know how to manage anything but my son and I think he is the boss here. Oh and the desire to have a family and find out just how fantastic kids are and to want more. Not bad things in all.

I do plan to graduate one of these days, not sure when or how I will afford it. This is all contingent on me getting the bill collectors off my back, suffering through the divorce, and loss of child, and the vain attempts at getting a real job that pays and has a future. Oh and we don't want to forget the courts attempt to make me a pauper.

Well how is school going? Not well. Seems that ASU has decided that I need a break with all the goings on. That and the Student Loan people believe that I should be paying them though I was attending school. Add all that together and you end up going crazy trying to get a stupid degree. Basically I am on hold until I jump through all the hoops that ASU is putting in front of me and I only have 1 more semester to go to finish my degree. Until then I continue to work at Goodnet full time until I can attend school again. Not saying I won't be working full time then, but maybe I can save up a bit of money so I am not a complete pauper anymore. Ain't school and life grand.

Well, that did not work. Goodnet did not pan out as it became unworkable. Goodnet is one of those companies that would make a great case study for a management class on how not to run a business. I am still working, but at a new company, Computer Bay, working as a computer tech and manager. I am still working and trying to save up to go to school. Now if I can get the grades up, get the finances, and registered again... whew enough thinking and work there.

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