Cory D. Szabo - What can you say about the greatest kid around. If you talk to anyone who has been around him for a while, you will soon learn that he is not only and handsome boy, but a well mannered and courteous kid too. he is 6 years old now Man do they grow fast>, and has all the energy and passion for life that one of his age should have. he is intelligent, funny, and an all around super dude. Yeah, this may be a little bias as he is my kid, but it is true none the less.

He is in Tucson with his mother, and spends the summers with me and every weekend I can milk out of my budget and get his mother to part with him. I can't wait to have him for the coming summer, and hope to be able to spend lots and lots of time with him.

His favorite movie was 'Free Willy' until Daddy made the mistake of showing him 'Star Wars' and 'Star trek' now when he is over, we watch nothing but. That and the Zoo seem to hold a special fascination for him. I think season passes are in the works for this summer, and some of the special classes they have there for the animals and the kids. Now if Dad can just squeeze 48 hours into 24. Also some trips to the mountains, and out hiking and the ever present playing with the puppy. I think Cory will be enjoying his summer here.

Well, the summer <1995> has come and gone and a lot of thing have changed with Cory. Amazing how fast they grow up. He got to go on his first plane ride all by himself to Grandma's house, as well as meeting some great friends at Daddy's house. We went on many rides and played outside. We went on some road trips as well as him getting to go visit his Grandparents in Texas a couple of times all in all I think he had a good time. We found that nights went better if after our bath we would sit and read books with Daddy, if Daddy could stay awake that long. We also got to practice our swimming and found out that we would not die if we put our head under the water. The floaties are still a must though, but we are getting better. Besides running the Puppy and the neighborhood ragged, he had a pretty calm summer. I can't wait to see him next time and get him for a long visit again

Time has moved forward and with it comes change. Cory is growing and going to a private school in Tucson and learnig to read. Less time is spent on TV and more on the act of growing up. With guidance he/we have learned that he loves to paint and color and be artistic . But what ever he does he is still a great kid and growing up way to fast. The world is opening up to him and so is his questions. I thought it would be easier as he got older, but I was very wrong. His questions are getting harder and more detailed and he loves to ask as many as he can. His favorite spot is the Zoo and every animal is a wonder to be explored. Now Dad needs to book up on all those strange animal just so he can keep up with the questions.