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Governement Properties - HUD
State Governement Agencies
The Internet Auction List
Auction Page - There is no charge to list an event.
Lunds Auction House
Show & Auction - Listings
Hudson & Marshall Auction Marketing - National auction and realty company
Vintage Auction - Directly connects you with the Japanese consumer
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LEGACY on the WEB - Getting a divorce (3).
Effect of Divorce - National Risk Managers
Family Law Advisor - Pennsylvania Divorce FAQs
Divorce & Family Law Attorneys - Divorce & Family Law Attorneys.
Victim Of Divorce
Divorce - Divorce Service Divorce, Valid, & Binding.
Law Area: Divorce, Family
Divorce Avoidance Hints - Things that can go wrong in a marriage
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Phi - California State University at Los Angeles.
National and Regional Headquarters.
Gamma Chapter - The University of Georgia.
Alpha Eta - Mississippi State University.
Beta Zeta - University of Louisville.
Beta Psi - Sam Houston State University.
Gamma Omicron - University of North Carolina at Charlotte - temporary
Delta Rho - James Madison University.
Delta Sigma - University of Minnesota - Duluth.
Epsilon Zeta - California State University at Hayward.
Western Region Home Page
Fun Stuff
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Tor's Front Lawn - A lot of trivia on TV stuff.
PC Travel - Airline tickets and such.
CNN Interactive - Yep the News people
Anime Web Guide - A great reference for Japanese Anime.
McAfee - Anti-Virus software and virus library
The Ultimate Strip Club LIst - This thing covers the whole US and overseas.
Auto Connection - Nationwide Full Service Auto Buying Company
PythOnline - Official Monty Python Site
IMDb - The Internet Movie Database


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State of Arizona WWW
U.S. Department of Labor
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
Welcome To The White House
General Information
The Department of the Treasury: Bureaus
The US Department of the Treasury
U.S. Copyright Office Home Page
JOB related
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America's Job Bank
Career City
Career Magazine Database
Internet Career Connection
Monster Board
Online Career Center
College of William & Mary - Career Resource Index
Career Mosaic
Exploring Occupations
Job Hunter
University of Waterloo, Co-operative Education & Career Services
Yahoo Resume Services Listing
Listing of News papers in the Country
Job Center - pay service
Nation Job - pay service
Virtual Job Fair - Do it yourself job hunter
Career Net - Federal board link
Career.com - Connection for Empoyers and Employees
The Monster Board - Premier carreer hub
Economic Research Institute - You want info on jobs and wages?
Data Masters - Specialise in wage surveys for computer industry.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics - Statistics on all types of job related information.
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Classical MIDI Archives
New Ulra Music
Role Playing
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- Battle Tech's Home page
- Paranoia online game
- Paranoia Game info page
- Shadowrun Home page
- White Wolf's home page
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SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
The NASA Home page
Strange but true?
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60 Greastest Conspiracies of all times
Strange Magazine Web - For a strange look at the strange.
AUFORA - The Alberto UFO Research Association
UFO Folklore - UFOs "R" Us
CSICOP - Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
The JFK Assassination Home Page
International Ghost Hunters Society - Good site for the serious
Ooga Booga Page- Very extensive and complete.
Windows Communication Stuff
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Data Communications FAQ - Windows Version
Curt's High Speed Modem Page - Windows Version
About ISDN - Good info on ISDNs
Search Engines
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